Sunday, July 4, 2010

Doctors & Nurses Smile....

I had an appointment the other day to see my cancer doc. The nurse calls my name smiling. My weight was taken, I didnt look. lol I sit down so they can take my blood preasure. "wheres your henna?" the nurse asks. I smile and say not today. She then tells me how the Henna subject has come up several times in the chemo treatment room. There are several ladies that want to try it. The paper on the notice board has disappeared. She asked me for another one. I also gave her the info before I left.
The doc comes in my room. Smiles, asks how I am. "I dont see any Henna?" he says. I laugh. "You know, I think you started something" That was so cool to hear!
I smiled for the rest of the day! It was a good day!