Monday, December 28, 2009

The Henna Art Quilt Project

As I research Henna Art and all the wonderful henna artists, I have come to realize everyone has their own beautiful and unique flare to this ancient art form. I have come to admire each and every individual style with all the spins and flares of their own expert artistry.
I would like to invite any Henna Artist who is interested to contribute 1-3 fabric panels each to be made into a Henna Art Quilt. The Henna Art Quilt will help raise awareness for Breast Cancer and the unique roll Henna Art plays in the lives of chemo patients.
I would like to raise awareness "How the beauty, joy and power henna art graces our minds and bodies. How important the Henna Artist is in giving chemo patients this gift."
Each artist has her/his own style. I want to capture that in a fiber arts form of a Quilt.
Wendy Rover had given me 3 henna crowns when I was doing chemo for breast cancer. I am not the only one with this idea. Far from it. There are many many wonderful examples out there. Its just not common knowledge. The Quilt will draw attention to this form of expression and hopefully allow others to seek it out.
I am asking each artist to make 1-3 panels. You can make one if you want, that's OK. The panels are 16 X 16 inches. (this includes the 2 inch border on all four sides) So that would make the WORK space 12 square inches. I would like each artist to sign their panels also. Separately each artist should write a small bio and put all website and contact info.
I am creating a blog and will be posting the panels as they come in with all contact info with them.
After the Henna Quilt/Quilts are made I am planning to arrange for them to be in a gallery here in Portland Oregon where they will be auctioned to raise monies for some special projects through the American Cancer Society that will benefit breast cancer patients.
I feel this is a win win situation. Awareness of Breast Cancer. Awareness of Henna Art as its importance in healing and empowerment. Awareness to the Awesome Henna Artists and the beauty they create. To empower the artist with the gift they posses.
I look forward to creating The Henna Art Quilt Blog and posting all of the awesome panels!

Friday, November 13, 2009

McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

Its their 1st Annual Holiday Bazaar w/ Live Music by Skip vonKuske & the Dickens Carolers Its at 4:30-9:30pm
Please go and support this event!!! You will have a great time!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tassels for a Cause TM

I designed a tassel for Breast Cancer Awareness to help raise funds for special projects. I am presently involved in learning the art of henna myself. Its a pay forward kind of thing. Its come full circle now. Its part of staying positive and passing that positive energy along.

If you want a Breast Cancer Tassel just e-mail me at and we will arrange something. I can also write someones name on the pink ribbon if you like. Thank you for spending time on my blog. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to share.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tattoo Nipples.....something new to learn about

My landlady is a messauge tharapist and a tattoo artist. Part of her tattoo skills involve hiding skin inperfections for scares and such. She does eyebrows and cosmetic tattoo as well. This weekend she took a day class on how to do nipples. There were 20 in the class and they got to learn from actually working on several cancer survivors. From my research I have learned that sometimes your surgeon will do the tattooing or most commonly, they send you to a tattoo artist. Its your choice of course, if you want to get nipples. Some people choose not to. And thats ok.
I have found through my journey of life with all its twists and turns that I end up ok. It may not be what I had planned, but at least I am here for the ride!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am going through the reconstruction of my breasts now. Each stage has been a challenge and a learning experience. Because of some other health issues I am having breast implants. I am looking forward to larger breasts than I had before. I always wanted that, but not quite this way!
None-the -less I had a choice. And that was cool.
There are many different ways to reconstruct a womans breast now. By using her own body tissues and of course the implants. Its amazing!!
Through a federal law, Insurances Companies have to allow breast reconstruction due to breast cancer. Even if it is years afterwards. If your breasts are uneven. If your breasts implants need replaceing. There is one proceedure that takes your belly tissue (Tummy Tuck) and constructs your breasts from that. I had been joking about that for years and now they can do it!!!
For me they can not. That other health issue prevents it. However I am looking forward to showing off my new girl friends soon.
To celebrate, I am taking up belly dancing! And Wendy is going to do her henna magic on me once again! I will be posting pics as all this comes about. Its important to share.
The last step, in all this will be tattooing my nipples on. That is another choice I have. All through this journey I have had choices. That is important to remember. And I hope by sharing my experiences, it won't be so frightening for others.
I have said this before.....................of course you never want to hear you have cancer. But the day you find out you have cancer "is the day you can begin to fight it!" Never think for a minute you don't want to know!!! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. Hugs and Blessing to you all. Linda

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shield of Victory by Henna Artist Akiyo Ogura

This is a picture of a breast cancer survivor who wanted to celebrate her victory over breast cancer by getting her chest Hennaed. Again you can click on the picture and get a closer look at Akiyo's work. I think this is just STUNNING!!

Henna Crowns by Akiyo

These are three Henna Crowns done by Akiyo of in New York City. You can click on the pictures and get a real close-up.

Akiyo Ogura Henna Artist in New York City

This is another example as I call them, "Shield of Victory" done in henna by Artist Akiyo Ogura who is in New York City. I recently had the honor of talking with Akiyo who is putting together a henna workshop for cancer patients.
You can see more of Akiyo work by visiting her site
She is also on Facebook Henna by Akiyo.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Breasts Update and Future Photo Shoot

My expanders have expanded as far as they can. I talked to my doctor about my implant surgery and it looks like it will be end of Nov. or early Dec. After the implant recovery, comes tattooing my nipples. There is an art to this.
After my implant surgery and after my nipples being tattooed I am celebrating each step with more Henna Art.
Each step is important to my recovery. Will I look the same. No I will not. I expect to look better! I will have photos to document it all. I am excited to share this. I am excited because I found my cancer early. I am excited because I have choices in every step of this journey. I am excited to be alive!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Courage and Strength

Luma Rafaelle Brieuc is the Henna Artist in these two photos. She is based in Montreal Canada. The photo titled "When They Clipped My Wings" is currently part of a ongoing exhibition for
the Canadian Cancer Society in collaboration with Photosensitive.
Its called Cancer Connections and its touring major cities across Canada until 2010.
The photo titled "Flowerhead" is a model who is not a cancer patient. I included this photo because it is a beautiful example of what can be expressed through henna.
You can see more of Luma'a work at Luma was generous enough to allow me to post these two photos. Thank you Luma for inspiring us with your beautiful work.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rebecca's Surprise

Rebecca surprised everyone at her birthday party by showing up with her head completely covered with this beautiful Henna Tattoo.

Steve Brimm is the photographer I went to his blog and his website. They are inspiring!
Steve is a professional outdoor photographer. Its well worth your time to spend some time at his sites.

Thank you Steve, for letting me share your story with others. It is a privilege to meet you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Reminder........

Early detection is the key to all cancers. Of course you don't want to hear you have cancer. But the day you are told you have cancer is the day you can begin to fight it! Please go get your mammograms ladies. You really do want to know!

This made the Cover

Friday, September 11, 2009

In the Studio........

Joni's studio was much warmer than outside. I had brought a few different shawls and earrings to wear. I thought to myself just relax. Have fun with this and so I did.

I love Betsy Johnson. I admire her as a person and as an artist. She too is a Breast Cancer Survivor.
I have one of her spider necklaces and I thought it looked cool against the henna. Joni was kind enough to take a shot.
The photo shoot lasted almost all day and I was pretty tired by then. I had the feeling that we had done something special that day. I didn't know how that was going to translate but thats how I felt.
Several days later I had gotten an e-mail from Joni saying the editor loved the pictures. So much so they wanted to use one for the Cover. And they ask me if it would be ok for me to include an article about myself.
All I could say was WOW!!!
Maybe someone would read my story and I could inspire them to go get that Mammagram! Also to inspire others to try henna art while doing chemo. It made such a difference for me. And I know it could help others too!!!
You can click on these pictures and get a close-up view of the henna. I hope you enjoy.
Still more to come.
Wendy Rover is the henna artist. and will take you to her sites. will take you to Joni's site.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is my Portrait during my chemo

I'm very proud of this portrait. I do not consider myself camera friendly. But there was something that happened to me when I found out I had breast cancer.
I'm not so hung up about things like I used to be. I don't sweat the small stuff.
Joni Schrantz took this picture in her studio. I think it stands on its own.

Joni is the staff photographer for Goodness Magazine. You can see more of her work at

Monday, September 7, 2009

An Adventure........

I had gotten an e-mail from Jennifer Hummel my photographer friend. There was this ad on craigslist. Well I called and it turned into a adventure I never would have expected in a million years.

A local magazine here in Portland,OR was interested in taking some pics of me and my mastectomy. I had mentioned henna and that I had a henna crown at the time. They said cool.

Goodness Magazine and Joni Schrantz was their photographer would contact me later.

I had called Wendy Rover, to ask if she would be interested in doing another henna crown and maybe my chest. I had had a double mastectomy, I thought why not, lets go outside my box.

Wendy agreed to sign on and all was set up.

My first henna crown was inspiring and I wanted the flow to continue. I wanted others who were in my circumstances to know about henna and what a powerful positive experience it was.
I was really looking forward to this.
Joni had come over to take pictures of Wendy doing her magic. She informed me that the photo shoot would be at McMenamins Edgefield out in Troutdale OR, in their "outdoor"(its April) Ruby Spa pool. We would then go to her studio and take some more pics.

I said sure, ok, thinking to myself, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM. OH gosh! I hope they don't ask me to swim!!! I'll go in the water I have no problem with that but you ask me to swim! I'm toast!
Then there is the question "What do I wear?!!!" I had bought a swimsuit to exercise in water a few years back. At that time I hadn't wore a B suit in 14 years. That swimsuit was now too small. I thought "I'm toast"

I don't know what made me think of it but I have this silk chemise, an undergarment for my Renaissance dress. Its full length and I thought when its wet you can see the henna design through it. So to test that theory out I put it on and went in the shower! Sure enough it worked!!! I had something to wear!

What to wear for the studio shoot was easier. I had some shawls and some simple jewelry. I have this Betsy Johnson pink spider necklace. I put it on my head so the spider sat on my forehead. With the henna crown it looked pretty cool. So I brought that also.

Betsy Johnson is a Breast Cancer Survivor and I thought I would send her a picture.

The day had arrived. Joni came to pick me up and off we went to Edgefield. It was early 7:30am or so. The staff at Ruby Spa were very nice and accommodating.

We changed clothes and went outside. This was April, a bit chilly but the water was a warm saltwater pool! Very Nice......very nice!

Joni was sooo nice. But I eventually had to tell her I could not swim and I can't float.

I had recently seen "America's Next Top Model" There was this model who was doing a photo shoot in a outdoor pool. It got so cold she got hypothermia and I don't think she could swim either. She might get voted out because of all the hassles.

Anyhow I'm thinking I got to get through this. I'm really going outside my box here. I can do this! I'm thinking........America's Top Model...........I'm going to be voted out!! Its was funny....I really tried to float.

The photo shoot went well despite the no float. We had taken some shots with the top of my chemise off. I was thinking here I am topless in a kind of public pool, some guys over yonder on the other side, some ladies right over to my left. I'm thinking......what do I have to worry about, I have no breasts. Whats indecent about that!

Ruby Spa has these showers in the pool. They were fun! I'm squating in the other shot, trying to keep my cool. Over the years I have gotten to be more bouyent, if you know what I mean. I think I look really calm. I should be an actress.
I have to take a break. I will tell you more in my next entry. Hope you like the pictures.

You can find more of Joni's work at She is also staff photographer with Goodness Magazine. Wendy Rover, henna artist

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This is in honor of Robin B.

This is a picture of the late Robin B. I had communicated with
Melisa who posted this pic on her Flickr site. She had told me that the" Henna was done by a person called Eric who tours Ren Faires. I was also told that Robin "loved" the Henna job that Eric did and "loved how cool it made him feel" Thats what its all about and I know exactly how Robin felt.
It would be cool to be able to talk to Eric. I am going to try and find him. Wish me luck.

This is only the beginning.........

These two photos are from the Henna Lounge down
in Ockland CA.
I had e-mailed Darcy who owns The Henna Lounge to ask her permission to use the photos. I hope to be able to talk to these two beautiful ladies in the photos in the near future. I shall update these stories as they come to light. You can see more of Darcys work at her site. She is very accomplished and I enjoyed her site very much. I am sure you will also. Go take a look.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Chemo Treatment

Walking into the Infusion area(or Chemo area), for the first time was scary. I thought everyone was going to be bummed out. A somber place where people didn't want to look at each other let alone talk to one another. WRONG! on all counts.

Everyone was actually pretty upbeat. You could choose to be in the common area or be in a private room if you so wished.

There are windows all around and the view of Portland & Willamette River are wonderful. The nurses are very special at OHSU, informing me and reassuring me of what needs to be done.
Chemo is given intravenously. It would take two hours for my treatments.
When you have cancer, you realize what is important to you. Visiting with others with like of mind is refreshing. We are in this fellowship not of our making, but a fellowship none the less. None of us really wanted to be there, however I had a strong sense of "family" with total strangers. I met some wonderful people. We exchanged stories. I learned what COURAGE is by their example. It may sound strange but I feel fortunate going through my experience with breast cancer. I learned what was important in my life. I'm done with sweating the small stuff!

When I wore my first Henna Crown to my Chemo treatment,well heads did turn! Eyes popped out and hughe smiles errupted across peoples faces! The Henna was a hit!

I felt wonderful, beautiful and honored wearing henna. Wendy Rover the henna artist had alot to do with that. Her artistry and skill is awesome. She is a true artist!! I am lucky to have found her.
Fellow patients wanted to know how, who and where they could get a crown. Nurses and doctors alike wanted to know also. I was happy to share.
My goal is tell my story to doctors, nurses, cancer patients and henna artists on the positive impact henna art has with Cancer patients. They need all the help they can get.

Wendy Rover is the henna artist. You can contact her at She is located in Portland, OR.

I have been Searching

I have been searching for fellow cancer patients and Henna Artists who have had chemo clients to share their experiences on this site. Its soooo powerful to share a positive thing with others! So I ask all Henna Artists out there who have worked on men and women alike who have had cancer. Could you share your stories. And women and men alike, could you share your pics and experiences wearing those beautiful Henna Crowns!!!

I thank you in advance for sharing. Lyndune

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first tattoo.......then my henna crown!

Before my chemo, I got my first real tattoo. It was a cold winters day in Portland. We were snowed in and not much to do. My landlady is a fine tattoo artist who so happens to have her tattoo studio here at the house.
I had talked about getting a tattoo for years but never got around to it. I couldn't decide what to put where. Dianne (my landlady) suggested I think about doing something connected to my experience with my breast cancer.
I gave it some thought and did some research and decided I wanted to have a phoenix tattoo, representing rebirth, being reborn out of the ashes, being reborn coming through chemo.
Well on that cold day last winter Dianne asked me "how about that tattoo?"
So I got it done, my first tattoo. It is pretty darn cool!!!
When Wendy Rover did my first Henna Crown well................they both looked awesome! And I felt absolutely beautiful!!!
When I had gone to the grocery store for the first time after getting my Crown people would approach me and smile and say how lovely I looked and what a incredible job Wendy did. Everyone liked my phoenix tattoo also.
Wearing my henna crown had made me become very approachable, easy to talk to and start a conversation. People smiled and that made me smile. People shared their stories of loved ones who had gone through chemo. I was told what a wonderful, positive, idea it was, wearing the henna crown.
I highly recommend wearing a Henna Crown! See more of Wendys work at
To find a henna artist in your area look under artists in Craigslist or go to a National Henna site called

You can go on their forum and ask where to find a Henna Artist in your area. Its also great reading to learn " everything you ever wanted to know about henna! "
Its a very Positive thing!!

Going to loose your hair because of Chemo? try this....

I'll tell you what I did. I was going through Craigslist like I always do and I ran across an ad for hair models. Students in a Beauty School advertise for people to come in so they can practice cutting hair.
Well I thought to myself, I am going to loose my hair anyway, why not let someone get some practice and I get a new look.
I met a wonderful lady named Sara who was soooo nice. She cut my hair several times over a couple of weeks. My hairdos were getting shorter and shorter. And that was ok.
When my hair started to fall out in clumps Sara shaved my head.
Her work station was in the very back of rows and rows of work stations. Sara's fellow students
were so nice also. They were all looking while I had my head shaved. Sara's supervisor, Jackie, is a gem! Everyone was so very supportive.
While my head was being shaved we had fun with that too. No, I didn't take any pictures and I kinda regret that now. Lets just say we had some real fun with my hair.
Now I will tell ya, it was very weird looking in the mirror at myself with no hair in a beauty salon school. Very weird indeed!
Let me remind you I was in the VERY back work station. So leaving, I had to walk past all of the other work stations! I must tell you ,I got the biggest kick out of seeing the looks I got walking past students and models alike. It was priceless!!!!
And I was the only one that day that left the beauty school without buying any hair products!!!
The idea about all this was to turn a negative (loosing my hair) into a positive (trying out new hairdos and giving someone practice cutting hair).
I had a really good time of it and met some wonderful people besides! I highly recommend it!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wendy henna angel!

When I lost my hair a wig was out of the question. To much fuss, scarves were the same and I just didn't like how I looked "trying" to hide that I didn't have hair.
Loosing my hair "was harder" than loosing my breasts. When my hair started to fall out I had my hair shaved. It would have been very difficult loosing my hair little by little. So I had it shaved!

Not that bad! Really! Think about it. No hair, no hair products to buy. Saves time in the morning too. No hair to style and fuss over!

I looked at bald head and all........and I saw a blank canvas. What could I do with this to make myself feel better. I'll be honest with you, I was a little depressed about this whole breast cancer thing. But I was also determined "not"to let it get me down.

And then I found WENDY ROVER!!!

I invited some friends over and we had a Henna Party. A small gathering of friends. I invited a very nice young lady named Jennifer Hummel to photograph the henna being done and just spent a very pleasant time of it. I must say that I felt overwhelmed with the beauty and skill of Wendy's work. There is nothing like wearing a piece of art on your head!!
There's more I have to share......but later. Hope you stop by again to find out what happened after I ventured out with my new Henna Crown!
Thank you for taking the time to stop by..........see ya soon!
You can find more of Jennifer Hummels work at

My first Henna Crown

What does a lady do when she has no hair? She gets a henna crown of course! But first she finds a very talented henna artist who, lucky for her, is in her home town.
This is my story....... so far, about how I am coping since I found out I had breast cancer. I hope to inspire others to try henna art as a means of healing and feeling beautiful during a very challengening time. It made all the difference in my life and led me down paths I never would have dreamed.