Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am going through the reconstruction of my breasts now. Each stage has been a challenge and a learning experience. Because of some other health issues I am having breast implants. I am looking forward to larger breasts than I had before. I always wanted that, but not quite this way!
None-the -less I had a choice. And that was cool.
There are many different ways to reconstruct a womans breast now. By using her own body tissues and of course the implants. Its amazing!!
Through a federal law, Insurances Companies have to allow breast reconstruction due to breast cancer. Even if it is years afterwards. If your breasts are uneven. If your breasts implants need replaceing. There is one proceedure that takes your belly tissue (Tummy Tuck) and constructs your breasts from that. I had been joking about that for years and now they can do it!!!
For me they can not. That other health issue prevents it. However I am looking forward to showing off my new girl friends soon.
To celebrate, I am taking up belly dancing! And Wendy is going to do her henna magic on me once again! I will be posting pics as all this comes about. Its important to share.
The last step, in all this will be tattooing my nipples on. That is another choice I have. All through this journey I have had choices. That is important to remember. And I hope by sharing my experiences, it won't be so frightening for others.
I have said this before.....................of course you never want to hear you have cancer. But the day you find out you have cancer "is the day you can begin to fight it!" Never think for a minute you don't want to know!!! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. Hugs and Blessing to you all. Linda

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