Sunday, August 30, 2009

Going to loose your hair because of Chemo? try this....

I'll tell you what I did. I was going through Craigslist like I always do and I ran across an ad for hair models. Students in a Beauty School advertise for people to come in so they can practice cutting hair.
Well I thought to myself, I am going to loose my hair anyway, why not let someone get some practice and I get a new look.
I met a wonderful lady named Sara who was soooo nice. She cut my hair several times over a couple of weeks. My hairdos were getting shorter and shorter. And that was ok.
When my hair started to fall out in clumps Sara shaved my head.
Her work station was in the very back of rows and rows of work stations. Sara's fellow students
were so nice also. They were all looking while I had my head shaved. Sara's supervisor, Jackie, is a gem! Everyone was so very supportive.
While my head was being shaved we had fun with that too. No, I didn't take any pictures and I kinda regret that now. Lets just say we had some real fun with my hair.
Now I will tell ya, it was very weird looking in the mirror at myself with no hair in a beauty salon school. Very weird indeed!
Let me remind you I was in the VERY back work station. So leaving, I had to walk past all of the other work stations! I must tell you ,I got the biggest kick out of seeing the looks I got walking past students and models alike. It was priceless!!!!
And I was the only one that day that left the beauty school without buying any hair products!!!
The idea about all this was to turn a negative (loosing my hair) into a positive (trying out new hairdos and giving someone practice cutting hair).
I had a really good time of it and met some wonderful people besides! I highly recommend it!!

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