Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wendy henna angel!

When I lost my hair a wig was out of the question. To much fuss, scarves were the same and I just didn't like how I looked "trying" to hide that I didn't have hair.
Loosing my hair "was harder" than loosing my breasts. When my hair started to fall out I had my hair shaved. It would have been very difficult loosing my hair little by little. So I had it shaved!

Not that bad! Really! Think about it. No hair, no hair products to buy. Saves time in the morning too. No hair to style and fuss over!

I looked at bald head and all........and I saw a blank canvas. What could I do with this to make myself feel better. I'll be honest with you, I was a little depressed about this whole breast cancer thing. But I was also determined "not"to let it get me down.

And then I found WENDY ROVER!!!

I invited some friends over and we had a Henna Party. A small gathering of friends. I invited a very nice young lady named Jennifer Hummel to photograph the henna being done and just spent a very pleasant time of it. I must say that I felt overwhelmed with the beauty and skill of Wendy's work. There is nothing like wearing a piece of art on your head!!
There's more I have to share......but later. Hope you stop by again to find out what happened after I ventured out with my new Henna Crown!
Thank you for taking the time to stop by..........see ya soon!
You can find more of Jennifer Hummels work at

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