Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first tattoo.......then my henna crown!

Before my chemo, I got my first real tattoo. It was a cold winters day in Portland. We were snowed in and not much to do. My landlady is a fine tattoo artist who so happens to have her tattoo studio here at the house.
I had talked about getting a tattoo for years but never got around to it. I couldn't decide what to put where. Dianne (my landlady) suggested I think about doing something connected to my experience with my breast cancer.
I gave it some thought and did some research and decided I wanted to have a phoenix tattoo, representing rebirth, being reborn out of the ashes, being reborn coming through chemo.
Well on that cold day last winter Dianne asked me "how about that tattoo?"
So I got it done, my first tattoo. It is pretty darn cool!!!
When Wendy Rover did my first Henna Crown well................they both looked awesome! And I felt absolutely beautiful!!!
When I had gone to the grocery store for the first time after getting my Crown people would approach me and smile and say how lovely I looked and what a incredible job Wendy did. Everyone liked my phoenix tattoo also.
Wearing my henna crown had made me become very approachable, easy to talk to and start a conversation. People smiled and that made me smile. People shared their stories of loved ones who had gone through chemo. I was told what a wonderful, positive, idea it was, wearing the henna crown.
I highly recommend wearing a Henna Crown! See more of Wendys work at
To find a henna artist in your area look under artists in Craigslist or go to a National Henna site called

You can go on their forum and ask where to find a Henna Artist in your area. Its also great reading to learn " everything you ever wanted to know about henna! "
Its a very Positive thing!!


  1. What a great post. I wish you had a bigger picture of your henna and your phoenix though.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and for encouraging others to embrace their beautiful bald heads :)

    Henna artist in Boston/Providence area