Monday, September 7, 2009

An Adventure........

I had gotten an e-mail from Jennifer Hummel my photographer friend. There was this ad on craigslist. Well I called and it turned into a adventure I never would have expected in a million years.

A local magazine here in Portland,OR was interested in taking some pics of me and my mastectomy. I had mentioned henna and that I had a henna crown at the time. They said cool.

Goodness Magazine and Joni Schrantz was their photographer would contact me later.

I had called Wendy Rover, to ask if she would be interested in doing another henna crown and maybe my chest. I had had a double mastectomy, I thought why not, lets go outside my box.

Wendy agreed to sign on and all was set up.

My first henna crown was inspiring and I wanted the flow to continue. I wanted others who were in my circumstances to know about henna and what a powerful positive experience it was.
I was really looking forward to this.
Joni had come over to take pictures of Wendy doing her magic. She informed me that the photo shoot would be at McMenamins Edgefield out in Troutdale OR, in their "outdoor"(its April) Ruby Spa pool. We would then go to her studio and take some more pics.

I said sure, ok, thinking to myself, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM. OH gosh! I hope they don't ask me to swim!!! I'll go in the water I have no problem with that but you ask me to swim! I'm toast!
Then there is the question "What do I wear?!!!" I had bought a swimsuit to exercise in water a few years back. At that time I hadn't wore a B suit in 14 years. That swimsuit was now too small. I thought "I'm toast"

I don't know what made me think of it but I have this silk chemise, an undergarment for my Renaissance dress. Its full length and I thought when its wet you can see the henna design through it. So to test that theory out I put it on and went in the shower! Sure enough it worked!!! I had something to wear!

What to wear for the studio shoot was easier. I had some shawls and some simple jewelry. I have this Betsy Johnson pink spider necklace. I put it on my head so the spider sat on my forehead. With the henna crown it looked pretty cool. So I brought that also.

Betsy Johnson is a Breast Cancer Survivor and I thought I would send her a picture.

The day had arrived. Joni came to pick me up and off we went to Edgefield. It was early 7:30am or so. The staff at Ruby Spa were very nice and accommodating.

We changed clothes and went outside. This was April, a bit chilly but the water was a warm saltwater pool! Very Nice......very nice!

Joni was sooo nice. But I eventually had to tell her I could not swim and I can't float.

I had recently seen "America's Next Top Model" There was this model who was doing a photo shoot in a outdoor pool. It got so cold she got hypothermia and I don't think she could swim either. She might get voted out because of all the hassles.

Anyhow I'm thinking I got to get through this. I'm really going outside my box here. I can do this! I'm thinking........America's Top Model...........I'm going to be voted out!! Its was funny....I really tried to float.

The photo shoot went well despite the no float. We had taken some shots with the top of my chemise off. I was thinking here I am topless in a kind of public pool, some guys over yonder on the other side, some ladies right over to my left. I'm thinking......what do I have to worry about, I have no breasts. Whats indecent about that!

Ruby Spa has these showers in the pool. They were fun! I'm squating in the other shot, trying to keep my cool. Over the years I have gotten to be more bouyent, if you know what I mean. I think I look really calm. I should be an actress.
I have to take a break. I will tell you more in my next entry. Hope you like the pictures.

You can find more of Joni's work at She is also staff photographer with Goodness Magazine. Wendy Rover, henna artist

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