Friday, September 11, 2009

In the Studio........

Joni's studio was much warmer than outside. I had brought a few different shawls and earrings to wear. I thought to myself just relax. Have fun with this and so I did.

I love Betsy Johnson. I admire her as a person and as an artist. She too is a Breast Cancer Survivor.
I have one of her spider necklaces and I thought it looked cool against the henna. Joni was kind enough to take a shot.
The photo shoot lasted almost all day and I was pretty tired by then. I had the feeling that we had done something special that day. I didn't know how that was going to translate but thats how I felt.
Several days later I had gotten an e-mail from Joni saying the editor loved the pictures. So much so they wanted to use one for the Cover. And they ask me if it would be ok for me to include an article about myself.
All I could say was WOW!!!
Maybe someone would read my story and I could inspire them to go get that Mammagram! Also to inspire others to try henna art while doing chemo. It made such a difference for me. And I know it could help others too!!!
You can click on these pictures and get a close-up view of the henna. I hope you enjoy.
Still more to come.
Wendy Rover is the henna artist. and will take you to her sites. will take you to Joni's site.

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