Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Chemo Treatment

Walking into the Infusion area(or Chemo area), for the first time was scary. I thought everyone was going to be bummed out. A somber place where people didn't want to look at each other let alone talk to one another. WRONG! on all counts.

Everyone was actually pretty upbeat. You could choose to be in the common area or be in a private room if you so wished.

There are windows all around and the view of Portland & Willamette River are wonderful. The nurses are very special at OHSU, informing me and reassuring me of what needs to be done.
Chemo is given intravenously. It would take two hours for my treatments.
When you have cancer, you realize what is important to you. Visiting with others with like of mind is refreshing. We are in this fellowship not of our making, but a fellowship none the less. None of us really wanted to be there, however I had a strong sense of "family" with total strangers. I met some wonderful people. We exchanged stories. I learned what COURAGE is by their example. It may sound strange but I feel fortunate going through my experience with breast cancer. I learned what was important in my life. I'm done with sweating the small stuff!

When I wore my first Henna Crown to my Chemo treatment,well heads did turn! Eyes popped out and hughe smiles errupted across peoples faces! The Henna was a hit!

I felt wonderful, beautiful and honored wearing henna. Wendy Rover the henna artist had alot to do with that. Her artistry and skill is awesome. She is a true artist!! I am lucky to have found her.
Fellow patients wanted to know how, who and where they could get a crown. Nurses and doctors alike wanted to know also. I was happy to share.
My goal is tell my story to doctors, nurses, cancer patients and henna artists on the positive impact henna art has with Cancer patients. They need all the help they can get.

Wendy Rover is the henna artist. You can contact her at She is located in Portland, OR.

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