Monday, December 28, 2009

The Henna Art Quilt Project

As I research Henna Art and all the wonderful henna artists, I have come to realize everyone has their own beautiful and unique flare to this ancient art form. I have come to admire each and every individual style with all the spins and flares of their own expert artistry.
I would like to invite any Henna Artist who is interested to contribute 1-3 fabric panels each to be made into a Henna Art Quilt. The Henna Art Quilt will help raise awareness for Breast Cancer and the unique roll Henna Art plays in the lives of chemo patients.
I would like to raise awareness "How the beauty, joy and power henna art graces our minds and bodies. How important the Henna Artist is in giving chemo patients this gift."
Each artist has her/his own style. I want to capture that in a fiber arts form of a Quilt.
Wendy Rover had given me 3 henna crowns when I was doing chemo for breast cancer. I am not the only one with this idea. Far from it. There are many many wonderful examples out there. Its just not common knowledge. The Quilt will draw attention to this form of expression and hopefully allow others to seek it out.
I am asking each artist to make 1-3 panels. You can make one if you want, that's OK. The panels are 16 X 16 inches. (this includes the 2 inch border on all four sides) So that would make the WORK space 12 square inches. I would like each artist to sign their panels also. Separately each artist should write a small bio and put all website and contact info.
I am creating a blog and will be posting the panels as they come in with all contact info with them.
After the Henna Quilt/Quilts are made I am planning to arrange for them to be in a gallery here in Portland Oregon where they will be auctioned to raise monies for some special projects through the American Cancer Society that will benefit breast cancer patients.
I feel this is a win win situation. Awareness of Breast Cancer. Awareness of Henna Art as its importance in healing and empowerment. Awareness to the Awesome Henna Artists and the beauty they create. To empower the artist with the gift they posses.
I look forward to creating The Henna Art Quilt Blog and posting all of the awesome panels!

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  1. I agree with the main point here, The Henna Art Quilt will help raise awareness, and we can't ignore this. by the way, i love the name "Henna" because is a flower, as you know, Henna flowers have four sepals and it used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. 23jj