Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Henna Fabric Panels coming soon!!

I know the first Henna Fabric Panels are on their way. I am excited to see them! They will be posted with all contact information and bio about the artist!
There are several quilting groups that are interested in making one. Thats great news.
I posted a request on Facebook asking for tips when applying HENNA to fabric. This is what what posted.
1. Use good quality fabric, wash and dry before starting the project.
2.Do not mix your Henna with oils. No oils or sweet stuff. Use instead lemon. Putting sugar in the henna can burn when you are setting the stain with your iron.
3. Mix Henna alittle drier than than you are used to.
4. After applying the Henna Design on fabric, let henna dry. Using a SUPER hot iron, put a PRESS CLOTH OVER the Henna and press with the iron. Once the HENNA is really dry,pick of the paste and iron again.

All really good tips......THANK YOU ladies!!!

I also wanted to take the time to remind anyone that you can also use fabric paint to PAINT a henna design on fabric. Don't limit your creativity. You can use a combination of the two if you like. Be creative! Show off your skills!

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