Saturday, June 19, 2010

So its been awhile....time to update.

I was recently at the Cancer Survivors Day sponsored by the four major hospitals around these parts. Legacy Health, Providence, Kaiser Perm. OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, Northwest Cancer Specialists and Porland Family Magaizine and Goodness Magazine. Thank you to all these businesses for being in on this. It was really fun to go to share and celebrate. 23 years they have been giving this party & celebrating LIFE!! Its up to us to celebrate each & every day!
The entertainment was AWESOME!! Throwback Suburbia was Fabulous!!Wendy Rover was there doing her Henna Magic on anyone who wanted some. She brought another Henna Artist along and I believe they were busy the whole time!
Of course, my mission is to spread the Word about Henna Art when you are doing chemo. Wendy let me put up some pics of me wearing my henna crowns. I wanted to show people that you have another choice besides wigs, scarves or hats when doing chemo. I see a bald head, I see a canvas you can put henna art on!! Be Beautiful Be Proud!


  1. Hi,
    I think we communicated once before...either by email or FaceBook...not sure.we have a mutual friend, Deb K.....anyway, just wanted to pop by and say hello after I read your story on are truly shining your light..

    Heart Hugs,

  2. What a wonderful idea! My mum was so sad at losing her hair, and is now excited to see what design I can do for her head. I shall do my best to make my design as lovely as the one in your picture - you look fab!